Like all applications and software, using Salesforce has its advantages and disadvantages.



  • Firstly, there is little to no risk when using Salesforce. Due to its low acquiring costs and low-risk management as an organization tool, there is very little to lose and a lot to benefit from.
  • The database that Salesforce uses is also helpful in digitizing and organizing company sale records. Thus, improving the overall organization of a company.
  • Salesforce and good customer service comes hand in hand.  It allows customization of profiles for individual customers as well as quick, organized access to individual records
  • There is also no need to purchase software and hardware systems to help maintain and keep the application running.  Therefore, unlike most software, Salesforce requires no capital investment.
  • The integrated solutions allow users to work more efficiently and increase the value of each part of the customer life cycle.  Moreover, Saleforce analytics and its reporting function gives its users the ability to expand their campaign capacity.  As a result, overall productivity can be increased and profit can be maximized.
  • Since Salesforce is an application and no software is required, there is no need for constant updates as Salesforce will update automatically.

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Disadvantages and Barriers to Adoption

  • At times, there can be too much customization and the interface can be filled with cumbersome and tedious tools which can be seen as repetitive or distracting.
  • Some users face difficulties in the transition between transactions.  Some have to go through multiple screens to process transactions.


  • Salesforce has its own maintenance schedule since runs on its own cloud server.  As a result, there are times that the application will not be accessible.
  • Users can also lose a personal touch as in the process of automation
  • Salesforce contains barriers to adoption.  This means that even though Salesforce is cheap, the cost to integrate the application and redesigning their IT to incorporate it into a company is not the same as the cost of acquiring Salesforce. It is possible that the cost of integrating it can exceed the costs of the software itself.

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